6 Simple Ways to Prank Your Brother

prank your brother

Ah, revenge is so sweet! You must be really tired of your brother tricking, tricking and playing pranks on you because now it’s time for revenge. Now the roles are reversed and it’s your turn to make your brother squeal and squeak and make him look like a chump with a great prank. For some great ideas, start with step 1.


Plan a surprise attack from the closet.

This is an absolutely brilliant plan. First choose a time when your brother assumes that you are not at home and that he will have the house or apartment to himself. Then hide in a closet that isn’t in his room, so maybe your own. You then use your mobile phone to call your landline number. When your brother answers the call, tell him to go to your closet (or wherever you are) to check something for you. Then when he opens the closet, jump at him and yell “Boo!” In life he will not expect you to be in the closet himself and will freak out! You’ll be able to tease him with that for years to come.

Ring the doorbell and hide in a box in front of the front door.

The first sentence actually says it all. Find a large cardboard box that you can climb into and lock, and place it on your front door. Then ring the doorbell and immediately hide in the box. Make sure to close it so that it is opaque! When your brother opens the door and approaches the box, jump out! That will definitely make him scream. This works best if he’s reasonably far from the door when you ring the bell so he can’t see you as you climb the box. If you can’t find cardboard boxes around the house, you can find some at local stores. Just ask the staff – many supermarkets also give them out for free.

Give him a good scare.

Wait until he’s really absorbed in what he’s doing on the computer so he doesn’t notice you’re entering the room. If you can do that at night when most of the lights are off, all the better. Put on a creepy clown or scream mask and sneak up on him very carefully until he can practically feel your breath on his neck. Then let out a deep, terrifying scream and watch him soar in terror. If you ask a friend or someone else who can also be as quiet as a mouse, they can also film the whole action so you can blackmail them a bit with it.

While he sleeps…

Make him smear whipped cream on his face while he sleeps.

This is another classic. Wait until your brother is sound asleep. It works best when he’s lying on his back with both hands by his side. Then gently pour whipped cream into his palm. If you’re really being merciless, you can use shaving cream instead. Then grab a feather or other object that you can use to tickle him very lightly and gently tickle his face. He’s going to scratch there and smear all that whipped cream all over his face! If you want to make sure it really works every time, put the cream in both of his palms!

The good old pranks

Place a bucket of water on an open door.

This is probably the classic. Crack open a door and place a bucket of water on it so that it stands between the door and the wall. Now when your brother opens the door, he will get an impromptu shower! This works best in the kitchen or other places in the house where getting wet isn’t too bad. But if you can do it somewhere else, even better!

Cover the light switches with tape.

Use clear tape for this and do it early in the morning. When your brother gets up, he’ll probably still be sleepy and a little off his head and wondering why the light isn’t working! If he sees you, just tell him the power is out. You can even claim that even the water doesn’t work. Now all you have to do is wait for him to find out for himself that you pranked him.

Give him a pants pull.

Wait for your brother to turn his back on you, then sneak up quietly. Grab the waistband of his panties and pull him up as high as you can. He’s guaranteed to scream and whimper! And if you feel like it, you can even go one step further and try to pull it up high enough to slip it over his head. You can also use it to hang it on a doorknob or other higher spot if it’s light enough. This works best when your brother is significantly smaller than you!

Swap the contents of its drawers.

Go to his room and either swap his drawers if you can or swap their contents until no drawer contains what it’s supposed to. He will be totally confused and don’t know what happened. It’s a delightful unexpected prank! You can also rummage through his stuff a bit. If he asks you if you were in his room, just pretend to be innocent.

Stuff cotton into his shoes.

This is especially funny when your brother is still growing. Just stuff some cotton in the toe of his shoes. The next time he puts them on he will notice something is wrong and may think he’s outgrown them. He might even walk around with it all day if he’s not smart enough to realize someone’s pranking him!

Tape paper to his butt.

This is another quick, simple prank. Get a piece of paper that is a similar color to where your brother always sits. Prep it with double-sided tape or glue and wait for him to sit down. When he gets up, he’ll have a piece of paper taped to his butt! This is a variation on the ever-popular “Kick Me” sign!

The palms down prank.

That’s a good one too. Show your brother that you’ve gotten really good at balancing a glass of water on the back of your hand when your hand is palmed down on the table. Bet him he can’t balance a glass on each hand the same way; He’ll probably take the bet. Then have him put his hands on the table and put a glass of water on the back of his hand. Then politely say goodbye or wish him luck and nonchalantly leave the room. Your brother will now be trapped – because he has to spill all the water on himself to be able to get up again!

Bathroom pranks

Paint his soap with colorless nail polish.

Also a classic. Take some clear nail polish and paint it on the bar of soap. After the varnish dries, the soap becomes useless! Make sure there isn’t any other soap in the bathroom so he can’t wash himself. If he comes out of the bathroom and asks why the soap isn’t sudsing, act confused. If you make it, you can even swap out the soap with another bar before he tries to show you that it’s broken.

Put food coloring on a bar of soap.

Put some yellow or light-colored food coloring on the bottom of a bar of soap. When your brother goes to the bathroom to wash his hands, he’ll wonder why his hands are only getting dirtier! Now, when he comes out of the bathroom with dirty fingers, you can laugh at him because he doesn’t wash his hands thoroughly! Just make sure to let everyone else in on it, because you don’t want your mom or grandma to get their hands dirty.

Put red food coloring on his toothbrush.

A small drop of red food coloring is perfectly unobtrusive on the back of his toothbrush. When he brushes his teeth, he will be horrified to see his mouth foaming red in the mirror and fear he has the most sensitive gums ever! Pretty soon, it will be running out of his mouth like a vampire and he will realize something is wrong. This works best especially in the mornings when he’s in a hurry and doesn’t have time for your pranks!

Food pranks

Decorate a sponge-like a cake.

Take a sponge and decorate it with icing, chocolate chips, sprinkles or whatever your brother loves about cakes. Then place it in an inconspicuous place in the kitchen, like on top of the microwave or even in the fridge, making it look like your piece of cake. If you later offer him a piece, he won’t be able to say no. Then sit back, relax and savor the moment he bites into it and realizes it’s just an ordinary kitchen sponge.

Pretend you’re eating flies.

This one’s funny too. Smash a raisin in the tablecloth and pretend you swatted a fly. Then slowly put on a manic look and laugh like crazy. Reach into the tablecloth, eat the “fly” and smack your lips like you’re enjoying it. Then shrug and walk away like nothing happened. Don’t tell him what you really did – he’ll never find out.

Serve him toothpaste cookies.

A delicacy among pranks. If your brother is a cookie lover, get some sandwich cookies, take one and separate the two sides. Swap the chocolate filling for white toothpaste and claim it’s the new vanilla flavor. If you don’t know which one he takes out of the box, fill several at once. Then wait for him to take a bite of it, confusion and disgust spreading across his face.

Make him drink vinegar water.

Wait for your brother to pour himself a glass of water. Now, when he has taken a sip and leaves it unattended for a moment, take your chance and add a small squirt of vinegar. Wait for him to come back and grimace at the next sip. Just make sure it’s not gone too long or you run the risk of someone else taking a sip!

Mix up a drink with salt and pepper.

Make your brother’s obligatory drink (except water). Add salt and pepper this time though – the more the merrier….

Electronic confusion

“Break” his remote control.

If he is a classic brother he will love to watch TV and then it is a perfect prank on him. Just take a small piece of clear tape and stick it over the small light at the top of the remote control. It doesn’t have to be a lot, just so that it doesn’t work anymore. He’ll be completely confused that it doesn’t work when he’s trying to watch his favorite series, and may even change the batteries before he notices your prank (if he even notices it!). It’s best if there’s also a TV series on that he can’t stand.

Cover his gamepad in jelly.

Grab your brother’s gamepad and place it in a resealable storage bag. At the same time, prepare a jelly in a container large enough to hold the gamepad. Place it inside as it cooks so it’s encased by the jelly. When your brother discovers the jelly, he’ll freak out!

Change his desktop background.

If he manages to get away from his computer for five minutes, take the chance to change his desktop background. Choose something completely terrifying for him, such as a picture from Teletubbies or My Little Pony. It’s best if he has a laptop that he’ll later open in public, making it extra embarrassing for him!

More pranks…

Write a fake love letter from a girl in his class with the same name as one in your class and put it in his bag.

He will find him and either talk to the girl or tell his friends about it. Sooner or later he will tell you about it too. Tell him there is a girl in your class with the same name who is dating a guy with the same name as him. He will be extremely ashamed that he told everyone about it.

If that’s not enough for you, wikiHow has many more ideas on how to lovingly tease those around you:

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