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How to Use Color Contact Lenses: Tips and Tricks

If you’re looking to change your look or add a pop of color to your eyes, color contact lenses are a great option. But how do you use them safely and effectively? In this post, we’ll go over some tips and tricks for using color contact lenses. Understanding Color Contact Lenses Before we get into […]

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Pick a lock

How to Pick A Lock with A Hairpin

Accidentally locking yourself out of your apartment, bedroom, or bathroom can be frustrating and expensive, especially when you’re in a hurry. Luckily, standard door locks and padlocks are relatively easy to open with two bobby pins and a little practice. Prepare your tool Pull one of the bobby pins apart, so you have a long, […]

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Fold a sheet of paper
Arts and Entertainment Hobbies and Crafts

How to Fold a Sheet of Paper in Thirds

Fold a piece of paper into two equal parts? Quarter a piece of paper? Still no problem. Fold a sheet of paper into perfect thirds? That could be a challenge. Anyone who has ever had to fold an important letter in three will tell you that it takes quite a bit of finesse to get […]

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Arts and Entertainment Hobbies and Crafts

The Ultimate Guide to Mixing Grey

Most people would probably think of gray as a mixture of black and white, but in fact, you can also mix gray by mixing complementary and primary colors. Once you understand the basics of color theory, you should be able to apply the same principles to a range of artistic mediums. Apply color theory Mix […]

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origami heart
Arts and Entertainment

A Complete Guide to Making an Origami Heart

Origami is the entertaining art of folding paper. A heart is a fairly simple but effective shape and the result can be used as a Valentine’s Day gift, a romantic good luck charm, or as a decoration for paper artwork. Form a pyramid Take an A4-sized piece of paper. You can also use a 15cm […]

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Adjust glasses
Hobbies and Crafts

A Complete Guide to Adjusting Glasses

After extended use, eyeglass frames could slip, press on your nose, hurt your ears, or just look crooked. You can take your glasses to an optometrist to have them adjusted, or you can simply adjust them yourself by following the steps in this article. Decide what adjustments need to be made Stand in front of […]

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melting gold
Arts and Entertainment Hobbies and Crafts

A Complete Guide to Melting Gold

Maybe you have gold jewelry that you want to melt. Or you are an artist or jewelry designer who wants to develop a new design and needs to melt gold. There are several ways to melt gold at home, but you should always be mindful of your safety, as melting gold requires high heat. Get […]

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Measure pants
Family Life

A Complete Guide to Measuring Pants Correctly

Pants are commonly identified by three measurements – waist, inseam and hips. Sometimes the waist height is also measured. Knowing your size can save you a lot of time when shopping for pants. Basic rules for measuring Use a tape measure. Tailors, seamstresses, and clothing retailers use tape measures to measure clothing. These handy little […]

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Old T shirts
Arts and Entertainment Family Life

How to Make Something Beautiful out of Old T-shirts

Most people have a lot of t-shirts. But sometimes, they are too old and washed out to carry on. Don’t throw them away; cut them up and make something out of them. How you need to cut your shirt depends on the project, so plan a little. You’ll be done quickly with the right technique […]

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mix colors
Arts and Entertainment

The Ultimate Guide to Mixing Colors

When it comes to mixing colors, a lot depends on the medium you’re using. The rules for mixing stains are different from those for mixing light colors. But if you learn the primary and secondary colors for each medium and understand how they behave when mixed, you can mix the color you want in any […]

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