How to Ask the Parents for Money

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Most parents will do anything to help their children and are happy to give them money when they need it. If you have a good reason to ask for money and your parents can afford to give you something, you’re bound to convince them by asking nicely and coming up with a plan to give it back to them. Express your gratitude and keep your promise and they will be happy to lend you money if you need it.

Prepare to ask

Think about how you usually handle money.

Do you often ask your parents for money or are you largely independent? Your parents are more likely to give you something if you get by most of the time without them. If you’ve asked for money a lot, you borrow their car all the time, and don’t do much around the house, they may be reluctant to give you money. If you feel like you’ve been asking for money a lot lately but haven’t done much else for your parents, you should improve your behavior before asking. If you live with your parents, you could cook dinner, wash the car, and do other household chores. When you’re not staying with them, you should find other opportunities to keep them positive. Be responsible when they call you and let them be part of your life. Don’t just call her when you ask for money.

Have a good reason

If you have a reason that is well thought out and you can articulate it, your parents will feel responsible for lending you money. Think about what exactly you need the money for. Make a plan of what you want to do with it and your parents will be happy to lend it to you. Let’s say you need the money for a new computer. Your parents are more likely to lend it to you if you need the computer for your new job or to study better for school. That works better than just saying you’d like him. If you need money for a basic need, such as rent or groceries, be honest and tell them why you are in such a situation. This probably appeals to their hearts and they will definitely help you.

Show them you’re trying.

You get ahead when you can gather most of what you need yourself. Save as much as you can to get the sum you need and then ask your parents for the rest. They will see that you are trying to help yourself and will be happy to support you.

Tell them a sum you found.

Find out how much you need and tell your parents this amount. You shouldn’t ask for more or lie to them so they don’t feel like you’re taking advantage of them. If you’re honest, they might even give you a little bit more.

Think about how you’re going to pay the money back.

If you ask them to lend you money instead of giving you money, your parents are more likely to agree if you have a plan for how to pay them back. Consider the time it will take you to save the money so you can give them an approximate date. Your parents will want to know the time, whether it’s a year or a month. You could offer to make a repayment plan and pay your parents back the loan in installments. This way you don’t have to pay everything back at once and the repayment will be easier. Don’t tell them you’re returning the money if you don’t plan to. Better be honest Otherwise, if you find yourself in need of money again, your parents will remember that you lied to them before.

Lead the conversation

Have a friendly conversation.

Set a time, and then sit down with your parents. Ask her to give you the money. Your parents should know that you are not taking this conversation lightly and that you are only asking because you really need the money. This will make you seem more serious and sincere, like just making a quick call over the phone or asking for money on the fly.

Present your plan to them.

Depending on the amount of money you need, bring some writing with you to discuss your plan with your parents. Show them how you calculated the sum. Explain to them how much you have been able to save to cover your own needs, and then ask them for the missing money. If you’re asking for money for something specific, you should find it online and print it out to show them. If you need money to use as a cushion for something, make that clear as well. Tell them that you could start your own business again with the money and that you don’t have to ask again. If you’re going to pay them back the money, you could print out an installment plan for them to keep. This shows them that you mean business and will keep your promise.

Make sure they can afford to give you money.

You probably have an idea of ​​your parents’ financial situation. Still, it’s better not to just assume that they can give you a large sum of money. Ask them if the amount is right for them. They may tell you that they cannot raise the amount. Maybe they will give you part of the sum too.

Accept their terms.

Borrowing money is a great favor, so your parents are entitled to set a few conditions. They may give you a portion of your stated sum, or they may lend it to you if you return it all within a short period of time. Don’t get angry or offended right away because you’re not getting what you want. If you really want or need the money, you have to accept what they ask. Of course, it’s possible that your parents won’t give you the money. In that case, you should find out if there’s anything you can do to make them feel better about giving it to you. Is there a task you could take on? Do them a few favors, go shopping, or help them in some other way. Even if they don’t give in, you shouldn’t keep asking them. Try to find another way to raise the money. If you show your parents that you are responsible, they may change their minds.

Say thanks.

If your parents give you the money, you should definitely thank them. In certain circumstances, your parents are not obliged to support you financially, so money is a great gift from them. You could even write them a thank you note. Your grateful attitude will make them willing to help you in the future.

Take more steps

Pay them back the money if you promised.

Once you have the money, you feel more comfortable and can pay for what you needed the money for. Don’t forget to start saving, though, so you can pay your parents back if that was part of your deal. This will make your parents feel better about lending you money. Plus, you’ll feel better if you’re no longer on their backs.

Think about ways to avoid this situation in the future.

There’s nothing wrong with asking your parents for money, but you shouldn’t be in this situation forever. Your parents have to save for their pension and you should be able to keep yourself financially independent. Even if your parents give you money every time, it is necessary that you earn enough money of your own and asking for money does not become a habit.

Look for other ways to make money.

Think about how it felt to ask your parents for money. Was it positive or negative? If it felt good, consider yourself lucky: you have very generous parents. But sometimes it doesn’t feel so good to ask your parents for this favor. Most parents probably won’t say no, but you might still feel like you owe them something. Maybe it’s bothering you. So consider the following options before you ask next time: If you’re still in school, you could look for a part-time job or ask your school’s support group for money. If you already have a job, you could ask your employer for an upfront payment. If you’re having trouble covering your running costs, go to your bank and speak to an advisor about a plan based on your income.



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